HV connectors for substations in Ireland

//HV connectors for substations in Ireland

HV connectors for substations in Ireland

Offaly battery’s substations in Ireland

HV connectors and vibration dampers from SBI CONNECTORS in the substations of Offaly battery project in Ireland.

Offaly battery is one of the first projects in Ireland of significant scale for battery energy storage. And where our HV connectors for substations are included. A recent report by the Irish Wind Energy Association estimated that 1,700 megawatts of battery capacity will be required on the island of Ireland by 2030 to store the excess renewable energy generated.

The energy is stored in batteries. Often generated from environmentally friendly sources such as wind farms, for subsequent electricity supply based on the energy demand of homes and businesses. This technology is common in Europe, particularly in countries that depend heavily on renewable electricity. The storage batteries, present in these substations, are similar to those in electric cars.

SBI high voltage connectors, as well as busbar vibration dampers that prevent vibration on rigid busbars. These will be located in the two substations that will provide enough energy to supply up to 100,000 homes with electricity.

A very innovative feature of Offaly Battery project is that we are looking at a virtual (and environmentally friendly) power plant that will be able to operate the batteries from offices located in another country.

SBI’s high voltage connectors can be installed in substations for different types of power generation, either traditional systems and renewable solar or wind energy systems.

Also, HV connectors for substations are used to provide power to data centers such as the Facebook Data Center in Ireland where SBI has also recently supplied high voltage and grounding connectors.