Unified Management System

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Unified Management System

Our management system refers to the guidelines described in the International Framework Agreement signed by the President of the SICAME Group which allows all Companies of the SICAME Group to be in possession of the Managed Areas policies.

It is broken down into three basic principles:


We ensure the compliance of the requirements agreed upon and the quality of the products and we continually improve on efficiency in general and the Management System efficiency.

We encourage training and the professional development of all personnel.

We assure traceability throughout the supply chain to guarantee the quality of our products.


We continually work to prevent contamination and to control and minimize the impacts on the environment to contribute to a healthier World.

We measure the impact of errors on the quality of our products and our customer service have on the environment (Carbon Footprint). We assess the emission of greenhouse gases due to more time invested in manufacturing, more raw materials and consumed energy and more transport of raw materials, products and people.


We develop our activities established as essential personal health and security values: workers, clients, suppliers, contractors and other collaborators.

We continually improve upon the security conditions at the workplace with the objective of reaching “zero accidents”.

We encourage worker participation in the identification, prevention and control of risks.