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Companies worldwide at the service of mankind.

The increasing global demand for electric energy has enabled SICAME GROUP to expand very rapidly since its creation more than 60 years ago. This development has taken place internally and via acquisitions, which have gradually given the Group its international dimension.

Today, the Group is present in 24 countries and its products are distributed in 170 countries.

The Group remains focused on products and services related to transmission and distribution of electricity, as well as towards the associated safety equipment and tooling.

Nowadays, thanks to this strategy, it is the largest independent entity in its sector.

An industrial group of SMEs on the move. A benchmark in its business sector, and with a strong team spirit and social values providing for a safe distribution of electrical energy to people across the world.

The Group’s products and markets are organised into Strategic Business Areas

Energy transmission networks

Overhead  & Underground distribution networks

Electrical safety and protection

Compression tools & terminations

Lightning protection

The Group’s products and markets are organized into Strategic Business Areas: energy transmission networks, overhead distribution networks, underground distribution networks, electrical safety and lightning protection, compression tools & terminations.

The Group’s products are backed up by after-sales services and training courses.

Today, the Group provides more than 20,000 products, which are approved by the most important public enterprises in electricity and telecommunications, as well as by electrical installers, automotive, aerospace and rail companies.

Energy transport networks

As a subsidiary of the SICAME Group specializing in this field and with an internal manufacturing center, we not only have a wide range of connector products, but also regularly invest in the Research and Development of solutions for:

Connectors for substations

Grounding networks

Network accessories

Spacer Dampers

Lighting solutions

Overhead and underground distribution networks

The SICAME Group is the leader in connections systems and accessories for distribution networks worldwide, providing the most complete overhead and underground solutions.

Accessories and connectors for MV lines

Accessories and connectors for LV lines

Electric safety and protection

In the field of electrical energy, personal safety and the safety of goods is an absolute necessity. SBI Connectors designs, develops and manufactures electric safety systems manufactured by PRESEL and distributes them across Spain, complementing the offering with brand CATU, also from the SICAME Group. SBI Connectors and its electric safety products are present in the most advanced industrial and energy sectors, providing solutions to their specific needs in:

Personal and collective protection systems

Rescue equipment

Locking out and tagging out

Sleet hoods

Voltage detector

Electric installation controllers

Portable grounding and short-circuit equipment

Live work

Connection and equipment technology

We work hand-in-hand with the Spanish production unit and all other group factories to design, develop and manufacture a complete range of industrial electric products, wiring accessories and installation tools.

Industrial connection systems

Connection systems for the automotive, railway, aerospace and renewable energy industries

Portable grounding connectors

Heat-shrink tubing, watertight boxes and accessories

Manual presses, hydraulics or electric hydraulics; pumps and hydraulic groups, from 35 to 2,000 KN

Energy is our business

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