HV connectors for substations in INDONESIA

//HV connectors for substations in INDONESIA

HV connectors for substations in INDONESIA

Garuda Shakti Substation in Indonesia

SBI delivers an important substation project in Indonesia providing HV connectors for substations.

SBI CONNECTORS and our HV connectors for substations take part in this important substation project in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. “Electric Highway” which is connecting Muara Enim at South Sumatra to Medan at North Sumatra.

Actually, all high voltage connectors installed in this substation have been designed and manufactured by SBI.


Above all, as we can read at the oficial website of West Java Providence, these project is important due to “The benefit of the Sumatra Electricity Toll Road is to evacuate low-cost electricity produced by mine mouth generators in South Sumatra to the north of Sumatra. Therefore, will reduce electricity production costs in Sumatra and increase reliability due to electricity interconnection from the South to North Sumatra.

“With the existence of this electricity toll, the cost of providing will be cheaper. Sumatra’s electricity will be more reliable, in other words the coverage covers the entire island, so that the concern about lack of electricity supply can be overcome” added Wiluyo.

With reliable electricity (…) can encourage the growth of medium and large industries in each province. PLN is always ready to serve industrial areas that require large electric power according to the location determined by the local government.”